What is your view on poverty?

Our aim is to glorify God by assisting the poor and impoverished in setting up various business enterprises, so that they can enjoy basic human rights, a reasonable living standard and become self sustaining.

Microlend Australia’s main aim is to do charitable works by setting up small businesses and to provide microfinance to the poor.

Microlend Australia Ltd currently supports microfinance centres in Zimbabwe (4 sites), Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Pakistan, Mongolia, Cambodia, The Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

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Current & Waiting Projects

Since 2011 we’ve commenced over 1500 projects, across 12 sites, in 6 countries . Your donation will help us fund more small businesses and transform lives.

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Charity Events

Come and join us at our next event for some fun and entertainment, whilst at the same time making a difference in empowering people to break free from poverty.


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