Barber Shop Business – Pakistan

Barber Shop Business in Pakistan

Sohail has always dreamed of being able to establish a viable barber shop business, but the cost of good equipment, and the inability to put on more staff to grow the business have been holding him back.

Also as the country is going through a very tough economic environment, businesses may sometimes be flooded by competition making it difficult to make a success on your own.

How you can help

So far Sohail has invested most of his savings in the project, with the funds having been invested for stocking, and purchase of chairs and basic equipment. Sohail requires a further support of  $500 ( around PKR 50,000 ) through loan financing in order to leverage his business to the next level.

Advertising, marketing and promotion of the service will be done mainly through word-of-mouth and the offering of specialised services on request. 


November 20, 2019