Community Development Program

Introduction and Overview – What is the CDP

The purpose of this Community Development Program is to enable your local community to create a cohesive self-help program that will empower the individuals within the Community towards a better and healthier lifestyle.
This teaching and principles can be applied to any village or slum area in any developing country. While it was developed first for use by Christian pastors, it can be used by any group, by any faith. It is free for all who want to take it.

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Training Module 1 – What is Community Development

This document provides definitions and descriptions of “community development” and how to go about implementing a program.

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Training Module 2 – Engagement and Decision Making

This document outlines some of the concepts involved in implementing the CDP.

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Training Module 3 – Needs Assessment

This document looks at how to do a simple Needs Assessment and how to analyse and prioritise the findings.

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Training Module 4 – A Christian Perspective on Community Development

This document discusses that the key issue in development is how to deliver services in ways that release the creativity of the people you are helping – not to create dependent people, but how to create in others the desire to give to others.

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Training Module 5 – Finalising a Plan

This document outlines how to develop a Community Plan as the basis for future action.

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Training Module 6 – Table Banking

This document discusses the benefits of using Table Banking, and outlines the methodology for setting up and running Table Banking.

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Training Module 7 – Business Principles

This document overviews important fundamental principles required to run a successful business and provides links to more detailed training modules available for further study.

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