Secondary School Project in Zimbabwe

Although there are some secondary schools in Domboshava, ( a community situated approx 35 km north of the Zimbabwe capital, Harare )  the majority of secondary schools are located far from the villages, and are not capable of meeting the academic requirement of the pupils within the community. Children have to wake up early, often walking up to 20 km just to attend. Also,  most local schools are affected by declining government services, broken school infrastructure, falling of expected enrolment rates, insufficient trained teachers, and lack of standard teaching and learning materials. 


How you can help


To date, a building has been secured, and along with the assistance and support of some volunteer teachers, some lessons have begun.

However, there are large numbers of orphans, school drop outs, and especially young girls who still have the desire to go back to school, if it was more readily available.
Support with additional funding and resources would enable the Project to expand to meet the evident need. Teaching staff are available and ready to go as soon as supplies can be appropriated.


Project Background


The new Secondary School has developed an ambitious  business plan and funding proposal, however, it faces an increasingly difficult uphill battle due to the inflation hitting Zimbabwe today. There is also a lack of legal permits, the school lacks the compensation necessary to retain qualified staff, there is need for additional classroom furniture, as well as additional classroom blocks and textbooks.

“We want to build a strong, clear foundation — mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Our Project proposal is divided into phases with a budget attached to each line. At the end of every phase the management will work in line with the Finance Officer and the Board to evaluate the progress, and submit a comprehensive report including receipts and photos of items purchased.”


April 20, 2020