About Microlend Australia

Helping to end poverty with microfinance

Our aim is to glorify God, by assisting the poor and impoverished in setting up various business enterprises, so that they can enjoy basic human rights, a reasonable living standard and become self sustaining.

Microlend was established by Ralf and Anne Schroers in 2011 after Ralf sold his business after 31 years in the Financial Planning industry. Microlend has its business premises established in Australia in the south-western area of Sydney.

On the 19th November 2013 Microlend expanded its operations by forming a registered ‘Not for Profit’ Organisation called Microlend Australia Ltd. The intention is to build on our humble beginnings in 2011 by growing the non-profit charitable activities via a network of Branches – both Nationally and Internationally. The idea is to seek like-minded individuals that would like to form a group and then conduct similar microfinance activities in developing nations. Since 2013 we have very gradually formed strong and reliable branch partnerships with focussed coordinators and volunteers. However, there is SO much more to be done !!

Microlend Australia and its branches activities include:

  • Gathering of donations from the public.
  • Microfinancing of these funds to the poor.
  • Monitoring of the loan and business activities.

An overview of our current Organisation can be viewed by clicking  HERE.

Message from the CEO

 In terms of poverty, donations often disempower people because they become reliant on the donations. At Microlend Australia we help the world’s poorest people by financing them into small businesses. The businesses provide them with an ongoing source of income and helps the economy within their community. When the loan is repaid the money is used to finance another business.