Can a Hotel booking eradicate poverty ????

yes it can

Here is a very simple and easy way that you, your friends, your company, can support the ongoing work of Microlend Australia.

Watch how by clicking here 

Simply by using Goodwings (as an alternative to Expedia, Trivago, Hotels Combined etc ) you can enjoy the same, or even better, deals -but know that a proportion of your spend will be donated to Microlend.

A great way to support us – at no additional cost to you !!!!

Go to – check out the site – and register your email address today – there are no fees or hidden requirements – and be sure to nominate MICROLEND AUSTRALIA as your preferred charity to support.
Then, next time you holiday, you will also be helping to end world poverty.

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  • Doug Ferris

    Reply June 19, 2019 5:31 am

    I have recently tried this site – and I was surprised to find it worked REALLY well – secured a great deal !!!! – AND it was great to know that a contribution also went to support the fantastic work of Microlend – WIN WIN !!!!!

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