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Training Materials

Download our community development and business training materials.

Community Development Training Materials

Our community development program is the first step in preparing your community to accept small business loans. There are 8 modules.

Introduction and Overview

What is the CDP?

The purpose of this Community Development Program is to enable your local community to create a cohesive self-help program that will empower the individuals within the Community towards a better and healthier lifestyle.

Training Module 1

What is Community Development

This document provides definitions and descriptions of “community development” and how to go about implementing a program.

Training Module 2

Engagement and Decision Making

This document outlines some of the concepts involved in implementing the CDP.

Business Training Materials

Our workshops teach you about micro finance and help you prepare your business proposal to apply for a loan. There are 7 workshops.

Workshop Sessions 0

Intro Who is Microlend Australia

This document contains an introduction to Microlend Australia, including it’s history, vision and objectives.

Workshop Sessions 1

What is Microfinance and why microfinace

This document provides a definition and description of Microfinance and an explanation of the differences between Microfinance and donations.

Workshop Sessions 2

Roles and responsibilities of the microfinance coordinator

This document describes the roles and responsibilities of Microfinance coordinators and how they’re implemented.

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100% of your donation goes to help people

Your donation will change lives over and over!

Your donation will be used over and over to fund businesses that change lives, support families, and build communities.

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